Thursday, 17 February 2011


We are on the countdown part of the journey now.
Next week is Matthew's last week of work and we get finished packing up!
We will move into Matthew's folk's house for a couple weeks while finishing the tail end of everything. Then set off in sky to Beautiful Texas.
No set date as of yet when we will actually leave the country.
Our new owners will be buying our fridge, washer & dryer. We are charity shopping loads of stuff and had a massive clean out today! So much still to clear. I hate the whole moving process. The packing and all that.
I am not feeling nearly as overwhelmed as I was a couple weeks ago. I have asked for peace and the Lord has given it to me. Now the only part I am not looking forward to are the goodbyes.
So I will think of that another day!


  1. Very excited for you! Take it day by day and enjoy the journey as you embark on your new adventure with the Lord!! Will pray for a smooth transition and emotional strength as you travel this journey. God has new and exciting things for you all~

  2. It's all finally happening! :) So happy and excited for you guys. Fresh starts are always fun. <3