Thursday, 17 February 2011


We are on the countdown part of the journey now.
Next week is Matthew's last week of work and we get finished packing up!
We will move into Matthew's folk's house for a couple weeks while finishing the tail end of everything. Then set off in sky to Beautiful Texas.
No set date as of yet when we will actually leave the country.
Our new owners will be buying our fridge, washer & dryer. We are charity shopping loads of stuff and had a massive clean out today! So much still to clear. I hate the whole moving process. The packing and all that.
I am not feeling nearly as overwhelmed as I was a couple weeks ago. I have asked for peace and the Lord has given it to me. Now the only part I am not looking forward to are the goodbyes.
So I will think of that another day!

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Contented Texas

The house is sold! We had the container guy out this afternoon to give us an estimate on getting all of our stuff shipped over. Matthew had kinda gone on Autopilot. I feel much better now the house is finally sold and the kids are oblivious! So things are definitely moving right along.
Life is so funny. The places it takes you and the things that are learned. I am 30 years old and feel accomplished. Not to sound stuffy, but I am really happy about how life has turned out for me.
I recently had a revelation on the Christian principle of Contentment. I always thought it was something to aspire to, but it is essentially something learned.
Philippians 4:11 “Not that I speak from want, for I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am."
It is a time waster and a life waster to always want more. Now, I don't mean in "live your dreams" department. I believe God gives us talents and passions and we should pursue those things.
I personally have found myself (in the past) looking around and saying there is so much more to life than this. But today I look at my husband and my two kiddos and love where I am in life. I no longer mourn the life a world travelling missionary, or a coffee shop owner, or an stage and screen actress. I am grinning as I type this because I know that I am exactly where I am supposed to be in life. For this moment. And for the first time in my life I love that fact!
It may sound trite and insignificant. But to be loved by the Most High and to love Him back...that is where contentment lies. No matter where in the world I am or what location my actual body is in. Really is a revelation from God. Now saying all that...give me a few months and see how I am feeling then. :0)
I am grateful for my life and I am grateful for my family and I am SO grateful for my Saviour!

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Family Update!

As of today we have 2 offers on our house and Matthew's visa arrives tomorrow by post! I am so overwhelmed! Talk about moving fast suddenly (redundant)... Our visa interview went without a glitch and everything has just been rolling onward since. To think we may actually be in Texas by Samuel's first birthday...Really excited about it! A complete understatement. On that same note, it is bitter sweet. This house is the one Matthew & I have built together. "you buy a house but sell a home"- So true! We have raised our kids thus far here (I know they are only little) But is seems strange to leave it all. Friendships made here also...So strange to say goodbye. But new beginning waiting for us on the other side and I can't wait to see my family whenever I want. To see Bella & Isaac growing up and having dinner at my brother's house. Oh and all the good food! How I miss this! The Lord has really amazed me in this entire process. Allowing Matthew is come to terms with moving, getting his visa pretty straight forward and the day the house goes on the market we had a viewer...I believe it has been His hand from the beginning! Admittedly I tried to move Him along. I wanted to be back in Texas years ago, but for whatever reason it had to be in the Lord's timing and I choose to trust that. So will keep this updated for the move and everything relating to that!