Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Visa Update

How crazy has this week been?
After waiting and waiting everything is going into warp speed and I am trying hard not to panic. Monday we received our letter for Matthew's interview. February 1 at 10:00am at the London
Embassy. We have the house lady coming on Friday to measure the rooms and the photographer coming Monday to take photos. The house will be on the market soon and my head is spinning. I can't get anything in order. I have tried making check list after check list. What room to start in? What is worth packing at the moment and what are we still going to need? Am I ready to move? Am I ready for change? Are the kids gonna adjust ok? Will Matthew be too bothered by the Texas heat? Will he find a job? Will we find a house quickly and not have to live with my parents for ages? Will my head explode if I think too much? Oh and what if for some crazy reason we can't get his visa?
Then yesterday my nephew was born. Levi John Watkin. Beautiful boy. I am so grateful we were still here for his birth! I am grateful that we were still here for Matthew's folks. We visited him tonight and my mind relaxed for awhile.
The Lord has it all under control and I totally believe that and choose to trust Him. Good grief. If He wasn't there....I think my head would in fact explode!
Ok so there is our update so far! Will try and stay posting on here. If for no other reason than my own sanity!

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Will take the quiet time of the day to write a bit.
Seems the days are really passing and I have not done anything to get the house packed or ready. We still have yet to have Matthew's interview down in London and are waiting on the date. After we have an idea of the interview date we will put the house up for sale. Feels like time is just speeding by while we wait. Matthew and I are ready to go. That is what we are doing...waiting...
Then the new life will start in Austin, Texas and beyond! I have looked (out of curiosity) at the website for houses on the market and can't believe the size. Houses are built small here in the UK and I can only assume because it is an island and so flippin cold. But the thought of having a bigger house is so exciting to me!!!
Can't wait to get the kids rooms sorted and Matthew and I 's stuff up ... much for writing, phone ringing! No rest for Mommas!!

Wednesday, 5 January 2011


I have been wanting get my thoughts down on relationships for what seem like ages.
We have a had a strange year when it comes to this. I have personally realized so much about what relationships are than I had originally given time for.
I always hated when people would say things like " I have too many friends already, I don't have room for any more". Seriously thought it was stupid thing to say and how shallow a person to say it. But I can kinda understand it now. While friendships are indeed a gift from God, they can also be a pain! Of course by our own making. We are selfish people who want anything and everything that we can get out of a relationship and very rarely do we give much back. It is a rare occasion that you find someone you feel is "worthy" to get your attention ad love like you want yourself.
Sadly this is so contrary to what the Lord has clearly written in His word about friendship and relationships...but most people- Christian and none- are selfish.
There is a scripture that says "A friend makes himself friendly". I have tried honestly to be this kind of friend. Especially when I know I am going into a new country or place of work or anywhere where I don't know anyone. But it is honestly hard cause you are expecting others to be the same. One great example of this that I am totally guilty of...After Eliza was born and I went to my first Mother/Toddler group. I had brought a couple of friends that I knew, a neighbour and fellow co-worker. There was about 30 or so ladies there with all toddler age kids. We sat there waiting I guess for the "already mothers" to come and welcome us and join in conversation. This didn't happen. We sat quiet and chatted to each other and left never wanting to go back because of the cliques that were so obviously formed. Sadly I see now I was totally at fault, just because of the scripture I wrote above. I never engaged either. I fear this is turning into a rant. But , in a nutshell...I have learned to really appreciate the ones who enjoy my company, go out of there way to let me know I am their friend and show me. I try very hard to do the same, but know it is difficult, specially after marriage & kids. Want to be more friendly! I guess.
All done now...none of that came out how it was in my head...but so it goes....