Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Visa Update

How crazy has this week been?
After waiting and waiting everything is going into warp speed and I am trying hard not to panic. Monday we received our letter for Matthew's interview. February 1 at 10:00am at the London
Embassy. We have the house lady coming on Friday to measure the rooms and the photographer coming Monday to take photos. The house will be on the market soon and my head is spinning. I can't get anything in order. I have tried making check list after check list. What room to start in? What is worth packing at the moment and what are we still going to need? Am I ready to move? Am I ready for change? Are the kids gonna adjust ok? Will Matthew be too bothered by the Texas heat? Will he find a job? Will we find a house quickly and not have to live with my parents for ages? Will my head explode if I think too much? Oh and what if for some crazy reason we can't get his visa?
Then yesterday my nephew was born. Levi John Watkin. Beautiful boy. I am so grateful we were still here for his birth! I am grateful that we were still here for Matthew's folks. We visited him tonight and my mind relaxed for awhile.
The Lord has it all under control and I totally believe that and choose to trust Him. Good grief. If He wasn't there....I think my head would in fact explode!
Ok so there is our update so far! Will try and stay posting on here. If for no other reason than my own sanity!


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  2. My only advice, having made two large moves with a child in tow, is ; accept all help offered! Solicit help too, friends love to help, and moving is one of the most stressful things we humans do.

    good luck!

  3. It will be fine! It is a huge adjustment, and there will be things that linger in your mind forever... things you miss, or you think the kids are missing out on. And remember, it doesn't have to be forever! (Don't shoot me Sandy!) What I mean is, if for some reason you all end up regretting the move, you can still come back to the UK eh?

    The kids will adjust, mine found it hard after a few weeks when they realised we weren't going back. Cora was 2.5 and Calvin was 15mos. We had some night terrors from Cora and Calvin went back to nursing every couple of hours and for comfort, for a month or two. But they worked it out. They lost their accents too at some point, gradually!

    No matter what you do in life there will ALWAYS be what ifs. But I'd rather try something and see how it goes than always wonder what it would've been like.

    We're going to Edinburgh Feb 2nd for the passports, I will ask you about that tomorrow!

    Love and hugs to you, it will be OK. :)

    Amber x