Saturday, 8 January 2011

Will take the quiet time of the day to write a bit.
Seems the days are really passing and I have not done anything to get the house packed or ready. We still have yet to have Matthew's interview down in London and are waiting on the date. After we have an idea of the interview date we will put the house up for sale. Feels like time is just speeding by while we wait. Matthew and I are ready to go. That is what we are doing...waiting...
Then the new life will start in Austin, Texas and beyond! I have looked (out of curiosity) at the website for houses on the market and can't believe the size. Houses are built small here in the UK and I can only assume because it is an island and so flippin cold. But the thought of having a bigger house is so exciting to me!!!
Can't wait to get the kids rooms sorted and Matthew and I 's stuff up ... much for writing, phone ringing! No rest for Mommas!!

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  1. We are excited for you to be here! I have also wanted to be a helping Momma to you when I see your posts about being tired and overwhelmed, and soon I can. I remember those early days of Marley's childhood, and it's all a lot easier with company.