Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year

A time of change is happening. Seems to be an eternal theme through the generations. But I am only me and have only my life to live and experience. I am 31 years old. I have 2 amazing children. I wake every morning to feed and clothe my children. Feed and clothe myself. Find ways to entertain and keep all 3 of us happy until Daddy gets home and then I bathe and feed and bed my children only for it all to start again the next day!
On occasion other people are involved in the day to day...
My life is routine, my life is quiet and my life is safe.
This new year brings so much with it. It is screaming at me that there is more and deeper things that I have never seen or heard. There is more life than what I, in selfish, pride, choose to live. Will I listen?
Change is happening in the world from day to day. From house to house from person to person. The God of the universe isn't surprised or stunned my any of it. On the contrary- He is the very author of it all! I am the main character. It is my life and it is changing. This year will be like no other and it will be the best year of my life!!

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  1. Like it! I guess your word for the new year is change, mine is choose. Let's see what God does with us the year!