Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Foggy Day

I have decided that this will be our family blog from now on. Matthew and I both have access to update and share whatever we want to. I am quite excited about it because I actually love reading other families blogs and hope that maybe someone will get entertainment from ours. Plus it can be a little more detailed than the daily updates on facebook!
So to start this it will be a completely nonsensical blog...and I will just write.
It is 2pm and both of the kids are in their beds for a nap. Matthew is back at work today after the Christmas holidays and says it will probably be a long day today. He is a post man. Temporarily while we wait for visa application to be finalized and we make our way to the land of the free and home of the brave- No we live in Scotland now, was meaning back to the USA.
We are just waiting on the final stage of the application process which is an interview down in London. From there we will sell our house and leave. This has been quite a process for us. We started back in July of this past year. I remember coming this way after marrying Matthew, it took a total of 4 hours for me to get a visa. We hung out in LA and just waited. But 6 months is crazy! The states have really made it hard it seems, but that is another blog for another day.
The fog outside our window just now looks very cold. It has been a day of playing indoors again, although the snow is almost completely gone.
Eliza found Play Dough in her stocking this year from Santa and it is her favourite toy...and her daddy's I have found we have watched Mickey Mouse and made cookies of Blue and Red and Yellow. Not sure what the afternoon hold for us. Will try and keep this updated.

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  1. Hey, Beth! That's a great idea to do a family blog.
    I'm excited for you to come back to the states. We should really get together for coffee or lunch sometime when you guys do make it back. :)